Corrugated Trench Retaining Steel Plate (SK-338)

This reveals one kind of new Corrugated Trench retaining steel plate. Its corrugated folding design can bear the pressure from two sides so as to stabilize the earth nearby. Every retaining steel plate has a row of higher or lower holes so that workers can adjust the position of the framework swiftly in order to save time.

Size: 2mm x 338mm x 6.5 Kg/M

Corrugated Trench Retaining Steel Plate stay straighter and last longer than timber sheathing; they are cost effective, environmental friendly which minimized the operation and installation cost for easily fixing and extracting by hand through special designed pin and shackle connection in the hole provided.

Advantage of using trench sheeting

1. Lower material cost
2. Saves time and labour
3. Uniform stregth increase safety
4. Special rib design allows lightweight Trench plate to resist deformation under load
5. Stay straighter and longer
6. Lesser timber use for environmental issues