Sum Kee Metal Company Limited engages in a variety ranges of cold/hot formed steel products including deformed bars, round bars, angles bars, flat bars, square bars, universal columns, H-beams, channels,steel hollow sections, (round, square and rectangular piles), Galvanized steel pipes, steel sheets / plates, chequered floor plates, aluminum plates, aluminum chequered plates, galvanized steel sheets, zinc-coated electrolytic, type 2, type 3, type 4 steel sheet piling, SK galvanized pre-printed, galvanized pre-printed corrugated sheets, shaped steel fabric and galvanized welded mesh, expanded metal lath, etc

Besides sales of material, we have also established a processing centre in Hong Kong and Pan Yu, Guangzhou, providing tailor-made processing service to our clients. The processing service includes cutting, clipping, and drilling. And we also help clients to handle the galvanizing process of products.

We have also established factories in Hong Kong and Pan Yu, Guangzhou to produce coated guardrails steel sheet, SK-LSP-3B light sheet pile and SK-476 galvanized pre-printed corrugated sheets based on clients' requirement.

We have several retail shops and warehouses of over 600,000 square feet. Our stock is plentiful and diversified. Therefore, we can provide the best price to our clients. Besides, we have our own extensive transportation teams for prompt delivery service.