SK Expanded Metal Lath

a. Rhombic or tortoise-shaped mesh, tidy, not stretchy, endurable.
b. Light-weighted and sturdy.
c. Artistic, fit to decorate.
d. Ventilate, easy to construction and economical.

Used in guard wall of machinery, partition, cable shelves, window of cars, baskets, enclosures, banisters, protection walls, electric appliance, furniture, cement straighten materials, and other aspects.

Specification: Expanded Steel Mesh to BS 405
Hot Dip Galvanised to BS 729 1971 / 1986 / BS EN ISO1461:1999

Steel Mesh - SK Expanded Metal Lath (Job Reference)

SK Expanded Metal Lath / Hot-dip Galvanised

Size: 2600mm(LW:38.10mm) x 2440mm(SW:16.93mm/16.90mm)
Inner Dye Size: 38.10mm Vertical Long x 16.90mm width x Thickness 3mm x wire 3.9mm
Specification: Expanded Steel Mesh to BS 405
Hot Dip Galvanised to B.S. 729 or BS EN ISO 1460:1999
Galvanised Security Shear Unt M8
Size: M8 x 35mm Galv-Bolt With Security Shear Nut
          M8 x 'U'Bolt Galv-Bolt With Clamp Plate & Security Shear Nut



1. Hip Hing Construction Ltd. Tai Lam Correctional Institution, Tai Lam Chung, N.T.
Contact No.: TC032&TC033

2. Hang On construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Chi Ma Wan Correctional Institution, Lantan Island, N.T.
Contact No.: TCR012
Order No.:B5576690

3. Master Legend Engineering Limited Stanley Prisons - General 99 Tung Tau Wan Road. Stanley District Hong kong
Contact No.: TCR012
Order No.:B5444835

4. Able Engineering Company Limited Hei Ling Chau Treatment Centre 18A Lantan Island, N.T.
Contact No.: TCL-071